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Max Wallet


Cool Down

60 seconds

Passive Income Profits

Staking Rewards

2.5% APR

Stake your $EGO for 7 days and earn 2.5% of your initial dollar amount locked. Rewards are distributed in BUSD stablecoin.

15% APR

Stake your $EGO for 30 days to earn 15% of your initial dollar amount locked every month. Rewards are distributed in BUSD stablecoin.

30% APR

Stake your $EGO for 90 days and earn 30% of your initial dollar amount locked every month. Rewards are distributed in BUSD stablecoin.

2022 Roadmap

Our Strategy & Project Plan

More details

  • Second Quarter - Q2
    - DApp launch.
    - CMC listing.
    - DEX listing.
    - Yield farming start.
    - Begin building the EGO Treasury.
    - Launch staking protocols.
    - Mentorship and Investment Library.
    - FAQ and knowledge base.
    - 500 holders.
    - 1000 TG and 1000 discord members.
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  • Third Quarter - Q3 - DeFi card service.
    - Beta EGO trading system launch.
    - Bonding protocols (proposed).
    - Lending and Borrowing Protocols (proposed).
    - 750 holders.
    - 2000 discord members.
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  • Fourth Quarter - Q4 - Become a bank within the metaverse.
    - Investor EGO trading system launch (proposed).
    - Wen Freedom Foundation.
    - Region based trading windows.
    - 1000 holders.
    - 5000 discord members.
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$EGO aims to promote a stress-free trading experience while ensuring that investments remain unaltered while trading is closed.

  • The Developer team conducts thorough research and analysis prior to their weekly investments. Once a list of viable and trusted passive income projects is produced, a team vote is initiated for future passive income investments.
  • To mitigate sell pressure, there are limits set on wallets, buys, as well as a cool down period between transactions. Additionally, staking rewards are distributed in BUSD, a Binance stable coin, instead of $EGO tokens. With this system in place, holders can claim their rewards without affecting the value of $EGO.
  • No minimum amount is required to begin staking your $EGO tokens and earning rewards.

A common occurrence that we notice within the crypto space is the lack of information in regards to passive income opportunities. The $EGO team conducts extensive research and provides factual data to show possible earnings from passive income projects on various blockchain networks. Although we do not provide financial advice, we do share the information we find and discuss our investing strategies. Every Wednesday, our CEO hosts an educational Twitter Space in a podcast format with the Community Lead from Polar Nodes. Join the $EGO community to discover passive income opportunities in the crypto space.

Building trust in the cryptocurrency space requires transparency and truth. Every Sunday, join us for our weekly AMA where we go over the financial reports for the week prior and discuss our upcoming investments. Holders have the opportunity to participate in bi-weekly node giveaways and learn about the projects $EGO is invested in. All transactions can be verified via the multi-sig wallet addresses located in our GitBook.



Market Open
09:30 EST
Market Close
16:00 EST



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