A Decentralized, Self-Sustaining Financial Organization, Focused On Securing Investors’ Financial Freedom.

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2023 Roadmap

EGO Plan and Running Estimate

  • Q1 [Jan - Mar.]
    » Stabilize the Staking protocol
    » Begin building the EGO Treasury
    » Transform EMTS into a hands-off project for partners
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  • Q2 [Apr - June.] » NFT Launch
    » DeFi to traditional investment bridge
    » DeFi card service integration
    » Launch EMTS services for investors
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  • Q3 [July - Sept.] » Initiate the construction of a decentralized banking system Read Whitepaper
  • Q4 [Oct - Dec.] » Decentralized banking system construction cont. Read Whitepaper



$EGO aims to promote a stress-free trading experience while ensuring that investments remain unaltered while trading is closed.

  • The v3 Staking Model ensures that the EMTS profits are used to evenly divide rewards among those who staked their $EGO tokens. This promotes the sustainability of the token and maintains consistent reward distributions.
  • To mitigate sell pressure, there are limits set on wallets, buys, as well as a cool down period between transactions. Additionally, staking rewards are distributed in BUSD, a Binance stable coin, instead of $EGO tokens. With this system in place, holders can claim their rewards without affecting the value of $EGO.
  • No minimum amount is required to begin staking your $EGO tokens and earning rewards.

A common occurrence that we notice within the crypto space is the lack of information regarding how to utilizie various exchanges and execute trades. The EGO team is committed to providing all the necessary knowledge for navigating the EGO protocol as well as the the cryptocurrency space in its entirety. Our GitBook and WhitePaper display valuable information and tutorials for all token features. Members of the community are encouraged to post all questions and concerns in the EGO Telegram and Discord platforms. The EGO team and other members are always available to answer and resolve any issues.

Building trust in the cryptocurrency space requires transparency and truth. The EGO team is doxxed with a picture and short biography on our GitBook. Moreoever, bi-weekly finance reports are accessible on our Twitter and Discord pages. Viewers can find detailed information regarding total amount of taxes acquired during each period. All transactions can be verified via the multi-sig wallet addresses located in our GitBook.



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